This Belaug is dedicated to all who had ever gone to college nd enjoid the Haustel life. This is to depict some of the most interesting ancedote of MACT Life from maestros of MACT.
mact ki duniya as the name say is something which changes the perspective of an individual towards the rest of world, way to lead life, team work.
Every thought of MACT leaves u facetious countenance.
This has all the very ingredient of Succesfull dramas i.e. love, freindship, fun, melancholy, struggle and move on.

Monday, 5 December 2011


I came back home running in two minutes with a 12 pages of leading hindi newspaper of UttarPradesh.
Heart was beating Dhak-Dhak, i was a bit confused over my Roll number for UPSEAT ( Test conducted by UP state for engineering entracne to different colleges of UP and other part of the country).
Finally got hold of my examinition call letter and matched the roll number on examinition slip with that on Newspaper, Oh Oh I am selected..oh oh hurry!!!!
Finally the day of counselling came and its in IET, Lucknow. This is my second entry to the state capital, first tiem had visited to appear for Rhastriya Indian Military College interveiw, was then 9 yr old. now 17 feeling much confident, Reached the IET along with my bade Papaji(Tauji), ground was full with would be engineers from every part of sate.
Met one of the repeaters and overheard many talkign about NIT's then REC's. I was also sure whatever branch but will take a NIT, that too most probably Allahbaad or Kurukshetra. But never thought of choosing NITB.
Once i m there inside the room, i dont know why but felt the place lot more chaotic then outside, and was waitng in the que looking at the board and just as i was about to reach the spot only thinking about MNREC mech,elec or Kuruk mech or elec and just then there was ni seat in mech, elec at MNREC or kurukshetra at the same time a paradox broked and pardigm shift took place its not the college which matters more is " its the branch man its the branch man" ,my heart said. its what u will be known for all the coming yrs of ur life  dear go for hifi electronic engineer And so its NIT B /Electronic &Commmnication (Stamped) .............................WILL COMPLETE IT SHORTLY THANX

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