This Belaug is dedicated to all who had ever gone to college nd enjoid the Haustel life. This is to depict some of the most interesting ancedote of MACT Life from maestros of MACT.
mact ki duniya as the name say is something which changes the perspective of an individual towards the rest of world, way to lead life, team work.
Every thought of MACT leaves u facetious countenance.
This has all the very ingredient of Succesfull dramas i.e. love, freindship, fun, melancholy, struggle and move on.

Monday, 5 December 2011

THE KAALI RAAT - 09/21/00

KAALI RAAT ki kahani
bhai baat un dino ki hai jab inGeniring kalage mein selection to ho jaaata tha par wahan par pehla saal katna mein raid lag jati thi.
Aur jab baat mact ki ho to sach mein lag jaati thi doston.
Pehla din college mein aankhon mein rangeele sapne bhare hue hum aapne apne parents ke sath  hum college aate the. Seniors to jaise bhagwaan lagte hai fees jama karane se leke stationary bhi kharid ke laate hai aapke liye .

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